Free Valuation Offer
For Rochester Area Advisors

When was the last time you had a valuation done on your business?  If it’s been a while, how are you measuring your success?

I’d like to offer you a free practice valuation  – measure where your business is at this moment so you can better plan for your future.

All I ask is that you do one thing…


Attend a virtual webinar next Thursday (June 11th) at noon hosted by Ameriprise where they will share their plans for the Rochester market.

You’ll gain some knowledge about Ameriprise and 3xEquity will provide you with a free practice valuation.

Ameriprise has really stepped up during these challenging times. We have seen advisors whose BDs haven’t risen to the challenge securing offers and considering how their career can improve with Ameriprise.

Ameriprise’s Rochester plans include:

  • First-class office space (you’ll have a say in the look/feel of the office as well as location and amenities)
  • Big marketing budget
  • Tremendous flexibility
  • Incredible support

To register for the seminar simply complete the form below We will send you the link to the webinar as well as details on securing your free valuation.

Secure your free valuation

Complete the form below or click on the calendar widget to connect with Matt Scarano regarding details of the June 11th Virtual Webinar.  Attendees will receive a free practice valuation courtesy of 3xEquity.