What is
Your Elevator Pitch?

April 1, 2016

Do you understand your practice’s vision well enough to articulate it effectively to others when it really counts? Imagine you are riding up 20 stories in an elevator with a Fortune 500® CEO, and he asks: “So, what do you do?”

You’ve got about 15 seconds to make an impression with him. What do you say?

This is your elevator pitch.

3xEquity What Is Your Elevator Pitch?

But, just like you need a specific screwdriver for a particular screw, you need more than one elevator pitch.

Anyone can and will ask you what you do: that Fortune 500 CEO, a stranger sitting next to you on a plane, your kid’s soccer coach.

Just like you pick your screwdriver based on the screw, you pick your elevator pitch based on the person asking and the setting they are asking in.

The CEO might get the long-handled hex-head screwdriver, or the formal, highly detailed pitch:

“I work as a family financial officer for high net-worth clients. I've developed an exclusive and sophisticated planning process called the Balance Success Program that’s designed to help individuals and families enhance their financial success and gain greater balance in their life.”

The stranger on a plane might get a generic flat-head screwdriver, or something simple and short:

“I manage money for high net-worth individuals and families.”

If you’re on the soccer field, or another social and fun environment, you might choose a long-handled flat-head screwdriver, something just a little beefier than your generic response:

“I manage money for high net worth families and individuals, probably people just like you.” And flash a smile.

If you’re at a round table dinner function, like a wedding, you might consider something designed to spark more conversation:

“I have a financial planning practice where my team guides our clients through a unique experience called Imagine, Prepare, and Accomplish.”

And of course, never forget the short, fat Philips screwdriver, or humor:

“Oh, I’m glad you asked: I sell multi-level products to as many people as I can, and I’m having a dinner tonight… Say, what are you doing tonight for dinner?”

If you’re going to break out the fatty Phillips, make sure you flash a big grin so your audience gets the point. Use this humor to get to their attention and emphasize your next statement, which is your key screwdriver: “I manage money for high net-worth individuals and families.”

What are your elevator pitches? And when will you use each?

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