Branding In Wealth Management Still Matters; Wirehouse Logos And Affiliation Remain Valuable

There is a reason that large, global investment banks like JP Morgan Goldman Sachs, UBS, and Morgan Stanley still carry a larger share of the ultra-high net worth than their lesser-known counterparts. Branding, logos, and affiliation still matter. As much … Read More

Rush To Judgement: Dismissed Morgan Stanley Broker Files Suit To Hold The Wirehouse Accountable For ‘Bizarre Firing’

In another example of reasons why you should keep your friends close and your personal securities lawyer even closer in today’s wealth management environment, a former Morgan Stanley broker has filed a $30M lawsuit against the firm. Sighting wrongful termination, … Read More

Recruiting Remains Essential: RayJay CEO Keeps Focus On Top Tier Advisor Recruiting

Raymond James has been as steady as any firm can claim to be over the past five years when comparing recruiting success. RayJay has never had the biggest deal on the street, never announced any special incentives for recruiters or … Read More

A Goldilocks Moment In Wealth Management: Five Reasons You Should Move Your Book Now!

Advisors are always looking for the perfect set of circumstances as they consider transitioning to a new firm. Market fluctuations, legal hurdles forced upon them by their current firm, personal and family circumstances, team dynamics, choosing the right new landing … Read More

Dueling Wirehouses Both Lose: Non-Protocol Firms UBS And Morgan Stanley Scrap Over Oregon TRO, And Morgan Stanley Loses

You can’t help but smirk a bit at this kind of news. Morgan Stanley and UBS engaging in a TRO pillow fight in Oregon after three weeks of an initial ‘emergency order’ was filed barring an advisor from engaging his … Read More

Preparing Your Practice For A Sale

Depending on what source you look at, the average age of an advisor in the financial services industry is anywhere from 51-57 years old. While that would typically leave plenty of time until the average age of retirement, the average … Read More

Stifel Continues To Scorch Recruiting Trail; Quarterly Revenue Jump Directly Tied To Advisor Headcount And Larger Wirehouse Recruits

Stifel has been on an 18-month recruiting tear the likes of which hasn’t been seen on the wealth management industry since the financial crisis when nearly every big fish advisor was determined to jump into a different boat. The financial … Read More

Dynasty Continues Winning Streak: Woos Craig Findlay And Billion Dollar Former UBS Team

That didn’t take long. In a quick turnaround, Craig Findlay and a large portion of his former UBS team, has stood up an RIA in Ohio. After evaluating several suitors Mr. Findlay chose Dynasty’s platform and partner service providers to … Read More

THE TERRIBLE TRO: Morgan Stanley Wins TRO Stand-Off With Former Broker In Atlanta

Another week and another headline depicting attorneys running the show at Morgan Stanley. A judge granted a TRO (temporary restraining order) on behalf of Morgan Stanley to stop a departing broker from speaking to clients regarding a potential move away … Read More

STIFEL STAMPEDE: Why The Aggressive Former Regional Firm Is Crushing Everyone On The Recruiting Trail

The gap continues to widen in the world of recruiting so far in 2019. Stifel leads it’s fellow wealth management contemporaries by a larger and larger margin every week. And there doesn’t seem to be any slowing of that momentum. … Read More