Will Advisors Follow This National Trend?

Several news reports in the past few weeks have called attention to a growing trend.  One destined to impact the world of financial advisors.   As the pandemic swept the country, forcing many  to work from home or to simply stay-at-home … Read More

Impact of Coronacrash on Advisor Moves

A question we’ve heard a lot lately  is “are people really transitioning right now?”   While the  Pandemic shut down everything from schools and restaurants to sporting events and travel these past few months, one thing it didn’t slow was … Read More

Steal This (Seminar) Idea

In 1996, Bill Gates famously announced “Content is King”, and the current pandemic has pushed that axiom to its limits, with quarantine driving spikes in internet usage and families looking for anything to watch now that they’ve reached the end … Read More

The Second Biggest Free Agent Move Of The Year: You

Say what you will about his golf game, Tom Brady’s departure from the Patriots to the Buccaneers will likely go down as one of the biggest free agent moves in NFL history.  Brady more than any other QB has systemized … Read More

Steal This Idea (Too!)

Did you do a Financial Plan for a client at the end of December/early January? Do you think they might be concerned about how the market may have affected their plan (what with a 15% drop in their net worth … Read More

Steal This Idea

As unsettled as this time may seem, for aggressive advisors it can actually be a good time.  The uncertainty that is swirling around provides a great opportunity for you to prove your value to clients by preemptively answering questions, calming … Read More

Why Now May Not Be The Time to Switch BDs

Helping advisors secure multiple offers and transition to a new broker-dealer is our area of expertise so this may sound a bit odd…now may not be the time to switch broker-dealers. Let us explain. Amidst the incredible disruption of the … Read More

What Your Wirehouse’s Response To The Crisis Reveals About Them

As advisors get adjusted to the “new normal”, stories are starting to come in about wirehouse life over the last few weeks and they are all over the map: good, bad, and ugly. On the upside, one Fortune 250 broker-dealer … Read More

Level-Up Your Zoom Calls

Zoom is everywhere, even Saturday Night Live used the technology to overcome the challenges of stay-at-home and social distancing orders and deliver a new episode this past weekend. You (and your clients) are likely becoming comfortable with the tool now too. … Read More

Making Work-From-Home Work For Your Practice

Like so many of you we’ve switched our operations from the traditional office environment to a 100% remote, work-from-home scenario.  A few days in and so far so good. For advisors running a practice, the challenges presented by mandated office … Read More