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The Tech Test Drive

In a survey of  803 advisors by Forbes†, about 3/4 of all respondents recognized the importance of state-of-the-art technology in serving their clients. And notably, …”those financial advisors with the highest annual incomes are more likely to see the value … Read More

9 Things You Can’t Afford To Overlook When Considering A Move To A New Broker Dealer

Who owns the client: The advisor or the broker-dealer? When was the last time the broker-dealer changed the FA compensation plan?   How many practices did the broker-dealer bring in over the past year? How successful have prior FAs been … Read More

PANIC RECRUITING: Wells Fargo Ratchets Up Recruiting Deal To Stop The Bleeding

Wells Fargo has a problem. A problem that has been well documented at this point – their advisors are keen to bail out rather than bail water on behalf of the firm. And the quarterly drawdown in advisor headcount has … Read More

Tom Terrific, Transitioning, And The Age Old Question

When Tom Brady leads the New England Patriots into action in Super Bowl LIII this weekend he will attempt to become the oldest QB in history to win the big game.  At 41 years old Brady is in rarified air, … Read More

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Back to the Ironman circuit, this time in a supporting role, Jeff Crosby shares his thoughts on a core concept in triathlons and in business – getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Closing The Gap (Talking Passion With TJ Tollakson – Dimond Bikes)

Professional Ironman athlete TJ Tollakson may not be a household name, but in cycling and triathlon circles he, and the bike brand he launched – Dimond Bikes, are legendary. An industrial designer by trade, TJ transferred his passion into a … Read More

Cash In and Earn-Out

The Importance of An Earn-Out Provision When Buying An Advisory Practice With 10 year SBA loans going for as low as 4.4%, it has become easier for advisors to offer a big upfront check to grease the wheels on an … Read More

Know the Valuation of Your Financial Practice

Financial advisors often determine the valuation of their practice only near the time they plan to exit the practice. Worse, many do not have a solid, objective method for determining that valuation. According to the 2015 Fidelity RIA benchmarking study, … Read More

What Are Your Strengths?

Martin Seligman, Ph.D., noted optimism researcher, has proposed that one of the surest paths to happiness is to know your signature strengths and build your life around them, particularly if it’s in a way that has meaning to you. This … Read More

Transitioning Wirehouses

Transitioning Wirehouses? 5 Tips for Exiting with your Book (and Integrity) in Hand You’ve made the big decision to transition to a new wirehouse. Or, you’re taking the plunge to independent status. Change is good. Now, it’s time to make a … Read More