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Thinking Team Structure

During the early stages of their practice, most financial advisors work as sole practitioners. However, the ability of such practices to grow is limited by the advisor’s skill set and capacity as an individual. Many sole practitioners soon find themselves … Read More

A Three? The Truth Hurts!

Have you ever had one of your best clients gut punch you? Have you ever asked a question that you thought you knew the answer to and the response came back very unexpected? That’s what happened recently when we received … Read More

Preparation Sets You Up For Luck

I once heard Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft, say “Not only do you need hard work, good timing, and passion, but you need some luck as well.” Last weekend I competed in Ironman Canada, my 21st Ironman Triathlon. … Read More

Have You Put Hay In The Barn?

In simpler times a barn full of hay was a sign the farmer had worked hard and was prepared for the challenges ahead. This weekend I’ll compete in my 21st Ironman Triathlon. That’s a 2.4 mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, … Read More

The Crash Finally Happened

The other morning I was out on my bike training for my 21st Ironman Triathlon. Going 30mph. Downhill. My front tire blows. My brakes don’t work. Here we go. It’s decision time – crash headlong into those mailboxes or go … Read More

Are your summary letters 95% done BEFORE you meet with your clients?

You meet with clients, you take notes, and then you send a summary letter or email to your clients. Maybe you spend 30 minutes, or more, typing up that letter in its entirety. 30 minutes at the end of every … Read More

Summer Reading Suggestions For FAs

For many, the slower pace and extra hours of sunlight make summer the perfect time to dive into a book. Here are a few recommended reads to enhance your skills and help you grow your business. Do you know your … Read More

Robo Advisors: Make The Most Of This New Market Reality

By 2020, the A.T. Kearney 2015 Robo Advisory Services Study estimates robo advisors will manage some $2 trillion. This growth represents both organic growth and shifts from traditional financial advisors. The most significant impact of the growth of robo advisors is a … Read More

DOL Fiduciary Rule Delayed

The DOL Fiduciary Rule was scheduled to phase in starting April 10, but thanks to an executive order signed by President Trump, the DOL is seeking a delay. The Obama administration created the new ruling because it believed consumers need … Read More