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UBS TAX MESS: Executive Management Claims ‘Our Bad’, Claws Back Mishandled Tax Payments

As if wirehouse advisors needed another reason to consider taking their books elsewhere, UBS announced they had messed up tax payments connected to recruiting bonuses for several years. Ouch. And guess who’s left holding the bag? Yes, advisors. Talking to … Read More

TOP 5: Why Regional Wealth Management Brands Are On Fire: And Why You Should Care.

Unless you’ve been away on the latest recognition trip or wholesaler junket and missed the reality of a changing wealth management landscape – regional firms have been absolutely crushing it over the past 18 months. Most prognosticators thought that the … Read More

RECRUITING: The Cloak and Dagger of the Chase

Should it really be this way? Should the evaluation of the current market value of a business that you and your team have built, orchestrated, curated, given your heart and soul to each and every day for the last two … Read More

OPINION: Recruiting PTSD Is Real

The layers of wirehouse (and regional) management continue to shrink. Across the wealth management industry the least popular and least secure job in the business is regional and branch management. The reasons behind the truth of the above statements are … Read More

BIG PRODUCER BENEFITS EVAPORATE: Be Careful As Your Book Grows, You Could Be Targeted

Over the past few years the stories of Barron’s Top 100 advisors being fired has grown in a way that begs all manner of questions. Questions every bigger producer should be asking themselves and taking serious steps to protect their … Read More

HighTower Capitulates: No Longer Advisor Centric, Exits Broker Protocol

And the ghost of Elliot Weissbluth as the former HighTower CEO rolls over in his grave. HighTower has just announced that it is exiting the broker protocol, limiting the movement of advisors in and out of its ecosystem, to focus … Read More

BILLIONS: Morgan Stanley Loses $6B Team To Dynasty

Whichever Morgan Stanley employee that came up with the idea that exiting the broker protocol would somehow lead to an uptick in retaining the firms largest and most profitable advisors needs to be fired. It’s not working. Via AdvisorHub, the … Read More

Wells Fargo Mess Continues

Wells Fargo doesn’t have any answers. As the body shots take their toll the brand remains badly bruised and bloodied, with advisors caught squarely in the crossfire. Just three years ago Wells Fargo was a paragon of virtue and stability. … Read More

Golden Handcuffs Have Turned Rusty At Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley walks to the beat of its own drum at the moment. As of today they are the only legitimate global investment bank/brokerage force left that can claim scale in sheer numbers and a ‘smorgasbord’ of investment banking products … Read More

The Age Of The Wirehouse Is No More; The Numbers Don’t Lie

A decade. Ten years later, the landscape is predictably different than what financial advisor veterans remember. In late 2008 and creeping into early 2009, names like Merrill Lynch, UBS, Morgan Stanley, towered over the wealth management industry with legions of … Read More