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Making Work-From-Home Work For Your Practice

Like so many of you we’ve switched our operations from the traditional office environment to a 100% remote, work-from-home scenario.  A few days in and so far so good. For advisors running a practice, the challenges presented by mandated office … Read More

How a market downturn can impact your transition package (and why moving now might make sense)

This article was originally published on AdvisorHub on March 12th, mere days before the market’s dramatic turn. A possible downturn or correction in the market can mean anxious clients, but it can also mean a significant decrease in your transition … Read More

Zoom In! 3 Tips For More Impactful Video Calls With Clients

Fears about Covid-19 and new mandates against in-person interactions have led many advisors to explore video calls to engage with clients.  Doing so during these times makes sense and there are no shortage of solutions out there to explore (Zoom, … Read More

Big Box Theory: Four Reasons To Jump To A Wirehouse Today

Quick question.  If you are a sought after recruit or multi-million dollar team, why wouldn’t you switch teams to join one of the Big Box firms (Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, UBS or Merrill Lynch)? Here are 4 reasons why a … Read More

Staffing Up! 3 Reasons Why Support Staff Can Make Or Break Your Growth Curve

Moving your practice to the next level is a constant and necessary endeavor for any advisor in today’s wealth management landscape. There are no shortage of ‘growth consultants’ in and around the industry ready to charge you a pretty penny … Read More

Dehumanizing Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is expecting a lot from a piece of paper. In a recent memo to advisors about the expected $13 billion purchase of E*Trade, management apparently began laying out a case for advisors to ignore their gut instincts and … Read More

Three Reasons You Should Consider Independence Right Now!!

The independent movement has felt like a freight train gathering increasing steam and speed over the past decade. All manner of legacy advisors have evaluated their options at a competitor and like-minded platform firms and eventually opted to hang their … Read More

Annual Advisor Transition Survey Report Available For Free Download Now

3xEquity Founder & CEO Jeff Crosby interviewed at the AdvisorHub Advisor Summit on the findings from the report.  To download your copy, click here. Never miss an article. Sign up for our Advisor News Service today.

Just Don’t Do It; Advisor Gets 14 Year Sentence For Bilking Elderly Clients

Don’t do it. Should we really have to say it? Seems that we do. Don’t ever take a dime, or re-direct a dime, of client money outside the boundaries of rules and regulations. You will get caught. Just ask Steven … Read More

Massive JP Morgan Team Migrates To UBS; Recruiting Wars Heat Up

We told you to keep a sharp eye on this week and weekend. And we told you to be on the lookout for multiple J.P. Morgan Securities exits. Well, here you go. First Republic just landed a monster team in … Read More