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What Are Your Strengths?

Martin Seligman, Ph.D., noted optimism researcher, has proposed that one of the surest paths to happiness is to know your signature strengths and build your life around them, particularly if it’s in a way that has meaning to you. This … Read More

The Secret to a Great Life…

A lot of us have been attending high school and college graduations lately and I wanted to share a profound experience I had at one the other day. The speaker broke down a really complicated topic – How to have a … Read More

Strategies for Finding a Successor

As you begin thinking about retiring from your financial practice and all the steps required to make that happen, recruiting a successor should be at the top of your to-do list. Succession planning has gained a following as a necessary … Read More

Manage your clients, prospects, and more by using a CRM

A robust customer/client relationship management (CRM) system offers tools that can significantly improve your office efficiencies. In fact, the Financial Planning Tech Survey of 2015 reports that close to 17% of financial advisors felt that the CRM as a tech … Read More

Are You Hiring College Students?

College students can be an affordable way to try out new talent and to get those overlooked, lower priority tasks finally finished. Are you hiring students? You should be. College students are less expensive than full-time employees, especially if you … Read More

8 Steps to Create a Client Newsletter

As you continue to grow and manage your financial practice, it’s increasingly important to find low-cost marketing solutions to help promote your business and keep it in the forefront of your clients’ minds. An effective and inexpensive way to get … Read More

What To Do When Corporate Cousins Damage Client Trust

For financial advisors, high-levels of client trust are especially mission critical. That is why when a corporation/broker-dealer is smacked with a scandal it can threaten the core business of the financial advisors even when the wrongdoing was centered in a … Read More

Is The RIA Route Right for You?

Is the RIA Route Right for You? Think before you leap toward the RIA status It sounds so appealing — going on your own! The freedom to run our own business, fleeing from thepressure of quotas and the mandate to … Read More

The X, Y, & Z of Generational Clients

Our perspective and priorities of earning, spending, and saving are typically shaped by our environment. Each generation defines its needs and aspirations based on the learnings from the previous generation and from their uniquely shared circumstances. Common literature and research … Read More

7 Indicators It’s Time to Leave Your Current Firm

It’s a decision that’s been keeping you up at night. You already know the answer — you’re ready to leave your current wirehouse. Still, pulling the plug strikes up all sorts of emotions — chief among them, fear. Change is almost never comfortable. It’s particularly … Read More