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Buying, Selling, or Need Financing?

Whether you are buying, selling, trying to grow your practice or need financing, 3xEquity can help you. We make the process simple and flexible.

3xEquity was founded by one of the top financial planning companies in the country. We have analyzed hundreds of practices, purchased several, and have passed on many. 3xEquity is positioned to purchase, partner, or provide financing for your practice. We can also bring buyers and sellers together from across the country.

Maximize equity in your practice

What does maximizing equity in your practice really mean? If you have stagnant growth, an aging client base, or a net outflow of assets, we consider your practice a cash flow business with limited equity.

Alternatively, if you are growing your business through client acquisition, systematization, and asset growth, then you have true equity, and your practice will command a higher multiple and cash value. You have three viable choices: grow, remain stagnant, or decline.

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